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HSE ( Medium Health and Safety Unit)
Medium Health and Safety Services
Job Security Specialist
Businesses must have occupational safety specialists or obtain from authorized firms. See page for details.
Workplace Doctor
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Other Health Staff
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Health Screening
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Risk Analysis
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Emergency Action Plan
We shared with you all the explanatory information about the Emergency Action Plan. You can view all information about our service on our website.
Explosion Protection Document
You can examine the document containing all the information about the explosion protection document in detail from our company´s website.
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As Taksim Osgb, we make all your work safety and environment measurements that are mandatory in your workplaces.
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Occupational Safety in Construction Industry
Working life brings many risks. However, when statistical data are analyzed, it is noteworthy that some sectors are more risky than others. The construction sector is also among the risky sectors.
Work Safety in Leather Industry
From the earliest times, it is intended to decorate the animals by dressing their fur and skin, and now it is being used in a wide range of sectors such as shoes, bags, furniture, vehicles and vehicles that are expanding in time areas. Therefore, we can p
Documents and Requirements Required for Supervision of OSGBs
Documents and Requirements Required for Supervision of OSGBs
Taksim OSGB (Joint Health and Safety Unit) experienced in the occupational safety specialist, occupational physician and other health personnel and companies that provide Occupational Health and Safety.
Occupational Health and Safety in Hotels
All employees receive and inform Emergency Training forms a part of OSGB services.
Occupational Health and Safety in Restaurants
Kitchen, dishwashers and restaurants are the working environments where the hazards of the employees and also the safety and health of the customers, directly or indirectly, are not met if proper precautions are not taken.
OHS in Textile Industry
In the textile sector, it is necessary to ensure the safety and sustainable continuity of the production for the correct evaluation and planning.
Fire and Explosions
Fire, one of the bitter truths of life, is a great threat from past to present.
Ropes and Node Techniques Used in Height Studies
Ropes and Node Techniques Used in Height Studies
Measurement Uncertainty Calculation in Labor Hygiene Measurement Laboratories
If you are looking for a consultant in Measurement Uncertainty Calculations, you can call immediately. We are ready to help you with our Environmental Engineers.
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