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Circular on Work Accidents13.11.2018

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Retirement Services Management

ID: 25029274 / 1093-11 of 26
Subject: About the investigation of cases of occupational accidents and occupational diseases.


As is known, the rules to be followed in the detection of occupational accident and occupational disease cases are carried out according to the explanations in the / Investigation of occupational disease and occupational disease / section of Circular No. 2011/50 on Short-Term Insurance Branch Applications.


Again, in order to determine the defect rates in occupational accident and occupational disease events, the request to be made by the Regional Directorates of our Ministry and the studies on defect rates are explained in the Circular dated 08/07/2011 and numbered 2011/57.


Furthermore, it is stated in the Circular g 3.1.2. In the section entitled ı Documents to be Found in the Occupational Accident File asında, the documents that must be included in the work accident file are specified in order to determine the rate of gain power loss in the profession.


In accordance with the legislative arrangements described above, in the case of short-term insurances, the practice of investigating work-related accidents and occupational diseases, the establishment of occupational accident and occupational disease files, and the problems and problems that arise during their transfer to the relevant health social security center, will now be carried out as described below.


1-Work Accident Detection and Investigation


A- Determination of work accident


a- Detection by Short-Term Insurance Service: The work accident and occupational disease notification form, which was arranged by the employer by the employer, and the work accident report to be arranged by the employer. the official documents, information and the reports and reports prepared on the subject due to the occurrence of work accidents as a result of examination of the units of the short-term insurance services to investigate whether the investigation was carried out without any further investigation of the incident. The said service has the authority to decide whether the incident is an occupational accident, but also has the power to decide whether the incident is an occupational accident. If the insured objected to the decision by the Service about the incident as Komisyon not an occupational accident bir, the case will be examined once by the Commission and decided by the Commission.


b) Detection by the Occupational Accident Detection Commission: In the event that it cannot be determined by the available information and documents and short-term insurance services; An accident assessment will be carried out by the director of the relevant social security provincial directorate / social security center, and if necessary, a commission composed of an institution lawyer and short-term insurances service chief or service person.


The Commission has the power to decide whether the incident is an occupational accident. If the insured objected to the decision of the Commission by the new information and documents, the event will be reassessed by the Commission and if the decision cannot be decided, the reasons for not making a decision can be documented and the new information and documents submitted by the insured to the objection can It can be forwarded to the Presidency of Inspection.


Will be able to apply to the insured judicial bodies upon the decision of the Commission.


c) Detection by Inspection: In case the accident cannot be determined by the Commission formed or not, it will be referred to the Presidency of Guidance and Inspection Presidency to be investigated together with the related event documents and their reasons.

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