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Documents and Requirements Required for Supervision of OSGBs5.12.2018

1. Layout Plan

No changes can be made by OSGB without having the approval of the General Drectorate in the settlement plan, building and equipment declared in the application file.

-If the sections that were not use when the were bought were opened,

-If the rooms in the current plan have been changed,

-If the size of one of the listed areas has been changed, the said changes should be notified to the General Directorate.

The rooms specfied in the approved layout plan cannot be used outside the purpose.

In the event of a change in the settlement plan without the approval of the Ministry, or if the rooms specified in the approved settlement plan are used out of pupose, the institution will be warned.


2. Contract Notices

Contracts between OSGBs and workplaces and OSGBs and their occupational safety specialists, workplace physicians and other health personel and the approvals of these contracts are made electronically through the OHS-KATIP system

Contracts for persons who are employed by the OSGB are notified to the General Directorate within five working days via OHS-KATIP.

The contract between OSGB and the employer in accordance with the example of OHS-KATIP system is regulated and mutually approved by the system withim five days at the latest. OSGB will also inform the occupational physician, occupational safety specialist and other health personnel who will work in the workplace.

In case the contracts for the workplaces being serviced and the personnel contracts and their termination are not notified in a timely manner, the institution will be warned with a caveat score.


3. Start of Service

Works cannot be rendered by contracts with or without OHS-KATIP contracts.

All kinds of occupational health and safety services offered by OSGBs are required to be contracted through the OHS-KATIP system.

Persons other than the employees of the workplaces contracted by the OSGB cannot be given health reports or medical examinations.

Contracts made through OHS-KATIP cannot be started without being approved by the parties.


In case the servise is provided without an agreement via OHS-KATIP or if it is rendered with unconfirmed contracts, the institution will be given a caveat score.



The institutions that obtain the OSGB authorization certificate must make the appropriate signage according to the example in Annex-8 of the related Regulation.

Requirements for sign:

-The title must be present in the certificate,

-Boy/maximum ratio should be 2/3,

-It shoulde be hung to a suitable part or entrance of the building where the OSGB is located.

-The logo, watermark, PRIVATE color and COMMON HEALTH SECURITY UNIT and phrases which must be written tohether with the title, the titles of the Ministry and the Headquarters and the colors of these subjects must be in full compliance with the example given in Annex-8 of the Regulation.

In case the signage arrangement according to the example in Annex-8 is not made, the institution warning note is applied.

In case of use of the Ministry logo or title other than the signage in Annex-8, the institution will be gven the warning of the institution.


5. Using Name and Title

All kingd of written and visual documents used for any purpose in sigage, printed documents, brochures, posters and other electronic media; name or title other than the name or title specified in

In case of violation of the relevant provision, the instution will be warned with a caveat


6. Dismissal of Responsible Manager and Full Term Employees

In case of separation of the persons who are required to be employed with the full-time employment contract or the responsible manager, the new ones should be assigned within 30 days.

In the event that new persons are not appointed within 30 days despite the departure of the responsible manager or full-time employment contract, the institution will be subject to a caveat score.


7. Archive

Minimum required documents in OSGB archive for workplaces that are seviced by OSGB:

-Certified notebook copies,

-Annual work plan copies,

-Annual report of the report,

-Records oon occupational health and safety training given to employees.

The documents which must be present in the archive must be signed by the expert, physician and employer or his representative. Digital copies of the signed form can be stored.

In the records of the occupational health and safety training given to the employees, the name-surname and signature of the participants, the name and surname of the instructor, the training program and the date should be provided.

The documents and information to be kept in the OSGB archives should be kept separately for each workplace. In case the relevant documents, which are indicative of the service provided, are not in the archive, the relevant warning point for the element not found in the institution shall be applied.


8. Continuity of OHS Professional Service

It is obligatory to provide the same occupational physician, occupational safety specialist and other healt personnel services other than the compulsory cases (provided that the birth, disease and annual leave etcc. are documented).

In case of violation of the relevant provision, the institution will be warned with a caveat.


9. End of Service Period

At the end of the service cotract period, the records and files in the hands of the OSGB must be submitted to the relevant employer.

In case of violation of the relevant provision, the institution will be warned with a caveat


10. Appointment of OHS Professional at Appropriate Tıme

Occupational safety specialist or occupational physician or other healt personnel should be provided to work in accordance with the number of employees and danger class.

The number of employees of the workplace and the possible changes in the hazard class are monitored and the service cotract must be renewed accordingly.

OSGBs are responsible for monitoring the duties, powers, responsibilities and training of occupational physicians and other health personnel, and monitoring the fulfillment of the duties specfied in the fields they serve in the scope of the Regulation of Duties, Authorities, Responsibilities and Training of Occupational Safety Experts.

In case of violation of the relevant provision, the institution will be warned with a caveat.


11. Working Hours

It is essential that the OSGBs are open and operate at the address they are authorized the provide to their workplaces. During the daily working period, an d authorized person is provided to be present at the OSGB

In case of violation of the relevant provision, the institution will be warned with a caveat.


12. Unauthorized Activities

OSGB´s cannot serve and operate in areas wehere they are not aouthorized by the General Directorate in the sections mentioned in the plan and at the address they received.

In case of violation of the relevant provision, the institution will be warned with a caveat.


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