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Emergency Action Plan

The Ministry of Labor and Social Security published on 18 June 2013 the EMERGENCY REGULATIONS IN WORK PLACES. The regulation consists of 4 chapters.

In accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Law No. 6331; Even if there are at least one employee, it is mandatory to carry out an Emergency Action Plan and Risk Analysis.

What is Emergency?

Fire, explosion, spread from hazardous chemicals, emergency response such as natural disasters, combat, first aid or evacuation that may occur in all or part of the workplace.

What is Emergency Plan?

Emergency Plan: It is called the plan which includes information and actions related to the work and operations in the workplaces.

What is a Safe Place?

The negative consequences of emergency situations are defined as the distance that is not affected by the employees or the place specified in the shelter.

Emergency state;

1. establishment error,

2. Human error,

3. Natural events,

4. Vehicle Bump,

5. sabotage etc. causes.

6. fire,

7. flood / flooding,

8. earthquake,

9. landslide, storm,

10. Bulk food poisoning,

11. work accident, computer system crash,

12. anarchic events

What is the main objective of the emergency plan?

· Preventing accidents and fatal events,

· Reduce the damage to the building, equipment and inventory,

· To protect the environment and the people,

· Accelerate the return of operations,

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· Identifies possible emergencies by evaluating emergency situations by considering working conditions, materials used, work equipment and environmental conditions.

· Takes measures to prevent and limit the negative effects of emergency situations.

· Makes the necessary measurements and evaluations to protect against the negative effects of emergency situations.

· Prepares emergency plans and provides exercises.

· To combat emergencies; have adequate equipment for prevention, protection, evacuation, fire fighting, first aid and similar issues, and appoints a sufficient number of trained employees and ensures that they are always available.

· Make the necessary arrangements for first-aid, emergency medical intervention, rescue and fire-fighting, and to establish contacts with organizations outside the workplace.

· Makes necessary arrangements for disabling the energy sources and the systems that may be dangerous in emergency situations so as not to cause negative situations and affect the protective systems.

· Informs the employees of the employer, who are subcontractors and temporary employees, and any other persons in the workplace, such as customers and visitors, about emergencies.

What are the Obligations of the Employee?

· To comply with the preventive and restrictive measures taken in the emergency plan

· When they encounter an emergency in the workplace; immediately informing the nearest supervisor, the officer in charge of the emergency or the employee representative.

· To comply with the instructions of the teams coming from the relevant organizations outside the workplace and from the relevant organizations to eliminate the emergency situation.

· To behave in a way that does not endanger the life of himself and his colleagues during emergency situations.

What do I determine the emergency situation?

1. Results of risk assessment.

2. Explosion and explosion hazard due to fire, hazardous chemicals.

3. First aid and evacuation.

4. Possibility of natural disasters.

5. Possibility of sabotage.

Preventive and protective measures are based on collective protection.

How Do I Manage and Determine Employees?

· 30 employees in workplaces in a very dangerous class,

· 40 employees in hazardous class workplaces

· Up to 50 employees at workplaces located in the least hazardous class; a) Search, rescue and evacuation, b) Fire fighting,

and specially trained as the most qualified staff member. If there are employees in the workplace in excess of them, one more support staff will be assigned to each 30, 40 and 50 employees according to the hazard class.

· Each team has a team head.

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