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Explosion Protection Document Preparation

You will be able to prepare explosion protection documents and make the necessary calculations in the facilities you work with with the training given by our training staff who are specialized in industrial plant management, emergency coordination and chemical fires.


Day 1 PKD Basic requirements for preparation • Combustion chemistry • Dynamics and types of explosion • Classification of explosive atmospheres • Gas groups and surface temperatures • Equipment used in explosive atmospheres • ATEX labeling and marking • ATEX Directives

Day 2 • Standard calculation methods according to standards. • Calculation of explosion strength • Sample calculation work • Excell for use in calculations • Explosion protection document contents • Sample report preparation application

Participants will be given a flash memory and a book including:

• Explosion Protection Document Preparation Training Presentations (Will also be printed as a book) • Sample Explosion Protection Document • Legal and International Requirements • Foreign Resources and Documents • Calculation Methodologies • Calculation Excel Files • Sample Problem Detection and Follow-up Reporting • Sample Risk Assessment Reports

Which legislation and standards are used in the PKD?

- Regulation on Protection of Employees from Hazards of Explosive Environments

- Regulation on equipment and protective systems used in potentially explosive environments

- Regulation on the Protection of Buildings from Fire

- TS EN 1127-1 Explosion prevention and prevention - Basic concepts and methodology

- TS EN 60079 standard series (Recent Updates)

- TS EN 12215 + A1 Coating Plants - Spray Booths for the Application of Organic Liquid Coating Agents - Safety Rules

- TS EN 12981 + A1 Coating Plants - Spray Cabinets for Organic Powder Coatings - Safety Conditions

- TS EN 62485-3 Safety regulations - Secondary accumulators and accumulator installations - Part 3: Accumulators

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Training Place, Beylikdüzü Delta Plaza A Block K.6 D. 14 Near Bauhaus

Tuition Fee Per Person 1250 TL + VAT

(There is a possibility to install a credit card.) There is a 10% discount per person for more than one person.

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