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First Aid Training


On July 29, 2015, the Ministry of Health issued a First Aid Regulation.

First aid;

· To the person whose health has been endangered by any disease or accident,

· At the scene

· Medical staff

· To prevent the situation from worsening

· MEDICAL applications made with the facilities without seeking medical equipment.

First Aid Purposes

· Ensuring the maintenance of vital functions,

· To prevent the worsening of the condition of the patient or the injured,

· Facilitate improvement.

· First Aid Basic Practices: Basic applications in first aid are divided into three categories: Protection, Reporting and Recovery (KBK).

· Protection: Identify possible hazards at the scene and create a safe environment.

The incident is a traffic accident;

An accident should be taken to a safe area if possible.

The scene must be marked as visible.

Curious people should be removed from the scene.

The ignition key must be switched off.

Smoking and smoking should not be allowed near the vehicle.

For the presence of gas at the scene, for the prevention of explosions and intoxications;

The gas cylinder valve should be closed and the medium should be ventilated.

The use of lighting or call tools to create sparks should not be allowed.

First Aid Kit Materials

Name of material Quantity

1. Artificial respirator mask

2. Large bandage (10cmX3-5cm) 2Pcs

3. Sterile hyhilic gas gland (10 × 10 cm 50) 1 Box

4. Triangle bandage 3 Pieces

5. Hyhilic cotton (70 g) 1 Package

6. Flaster 1 Piece

7. Safety pin 10 Pcs

8. Scissors 1 Piece

9. Elastic bandage (6-8 cm wide) 1 Piece

10. Wound Band 10 Pieces

11. 2 Pairs of Medical Gloves

12. Light color plastic sheet 1 Pcs

13. Notepad 1 Piece

14. Pencil 1 Piece

15. First aid manual 1 Piece

16. Flashlight 1 Piece

17. Whistle 1 Piece

18. Tweezers 1 Piece

19. List of materials 1 Piece

20. Aluminum burn sheet 1 Piece

First Aid Training

The person who will be the first aider is subject to a certain training. First Aid Trainer Trainer; One of the first-aid instructors trained in at least an associate degree in the field of health is called the person who received the authorization certificate by participating in the trainer instructor training program organized by the General Directorate. The curriculum of the education is determined by the Ministry of Health.

It is possible to complete the basic first aid slope in 16 hours. In education, the first aid topics are mentioned and practical training is given to the people.

Training topics include:

· General first aid information,

· basic life support

· First aid in airway obstruction,

· First aid in consciousness disorders,

· Bleeding,

· First aid in shock and chest pain,

· First aid in injuries,

· First aid in suffocation,

· Broken, dislocated, sprain, first aid,

· Emergency transport techniques,

· Insect bites and animal bites first aid,

· First aid in poisoning,

· First aid in burns, freezing and heat stroke,

· Eye, ear, nose, foreign body escape first aid

How many pieces in the workplace I have the obligation to provide First Aid?

In the scope of occupational health and safety, workplaces have the obligation to provide first aid.

· 1 first aid for every 20 employees,

· 1 first aid for every 15 employees in hazardous workplaces,

· Very dangerous workplaces, 1 first aid for every 10 employees

the regulation is arranged.


The validity period of the first aid certificate is 3 years. You must receive update training within 3 (three) months at the latest after the expiration of the validity period.

In other words, the update time is updated if the attendees attend the 8-hour update training.

The validity period of the first aid instructor certificate is five years. In the event that the certificate holders who have expired validity certify that they have provided at least 15 training (certified / authorized) certificates within the validity period of the certificate, their documents are renewed without the need for an update or re-training.

It is obligatory that the certificate holders who do not provide training shall receive update training within three months at the latest following the expiry of the validity period of the certificate. Authorization documents of those who do not receive update training are considered invalid.


You can only study with a copy of the picture and ID.

How do I succeed?

In order for the participants to be successful at the end of the training, each one of the theoretical and practical exams must have a score of 85 out of 100 points.

Participants who are unsuccessful in the theoretical examination are not allowed to take the practical exam.

Participants who are unsuccessful in exams are subject to re-examination within one month. Participants who fail to take the exam twice are not given authorization documents. If the person has demand, he / she

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