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Our Services

  • HSE ( Medium Health and Safety Unit)
    Medium Health and Safety Services
  • Job Security Specialist
    Businesses must have occupational safety specialists or obtain from authorized firms. See page for details.
  • Workplace Doctor
    You can visit our site to get detailed information about our Workplace Physician service and to get information about our service.
  • Other Health Staff
    You can see detailed information and contents about our other Health Personnel service from our site and then you can reach our company.
  • Health Screening
    You can examine the comprehensive information about the Health Screening service through our service and get information from our company.
  • Risk Analysis
    You can access a lot of information and content about our Risk Analysis service from our site and you can get professional support from our company for all the topics you are interested in.
  • Emergency Action Plan
    We shared with you all the explanatory information about the Emergency Action Plan. You can view all information about our service on our website.
  • Explosion Protection Document
    You can examine the document containing all the information about the explosion protection document in detail from our company´s website.
  • Staff Psychological Support Program
T.C. The family is authorized by the Ministry of Labor and Social Services.