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HSE ( Medium Health and Safety Unit)


Employess work in health and safety environment in the interest of both employess and workplaces. Standards on how health on how healt and safe work environments should be defined are defined by various laws and regulations. The operation of the enterprises in compliance with the laws, regulations is necessary in order to prevent the legal problems as well as the stability of the enterprises, the competitiveness, the health of the employess and the job security.



Providing physicians and occupational safety specialists with physical and medical equipment in accordance with the legislation authorized by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.


The definition according to Occupational Health and Safety Law No. 6331 is as follows;


Common health and safety unit; Authorized units of the Ministry (Ministry of Labor and Social Security) who have the necessary equipment and personnel to provide occupational health and safety services to the workplaces by public institutions and corporations, organized industrial zones and companies operating in accordance with the Turkish Commercial Code.


Who are the employees who are supposed to employ in order to establish and serve the OSGBs?

- At least one occupational physician (physician authorized by the Ministry to work in the field of occupational health and safety, physician with occupational medicine certificate)


- At least one occupational safety specialist (authorized by the Ministry to work in the field of occupational health and safety, employees with occupational safety expertise)


- At least one of the other health personnel (authorized by the Ministry to work in the field of occupational health and safety, nurse / health officer with occupational health and safety) who is authorized to perform nursing according to Nursing Law No. 6283 dated 25/02/1954.


*These employess may not be assigned to more than one OSGB 





As a result of the agreements signed in order to be able to enter the European Union, in 2013, Law No. 6331 on Occupational Health and Safety was enacted. In addition, numerous other regulations have been introduced to this law.


The aim of the Occupational Health and Safety Law No. 6331 is to provide occupational health and safety at workplaces, to improve existing conditions and to organize duties, authorities and responsibilities of employers and employees on these issues. The scope of the law applies to all jobs in the public and private sectors, to businesses, employers and all employees, including apprentices and trainees.


Occupational Health and Safety laws;

Labor Law no. 4857


Labor Courts Law no.5521


Occupational Health and Safety Law No. -6331


-5580 numbered Law of Private Education Institutions.





- To make a risk assessment in the health and safety risks of the workplace and to advise the employer to reduce the risks by identifying the risks that all employees may face,


- Under the Occupational Safety legislation, employers are obliged to protect their employees from the harmful effects of the substances in the workplace and from the hazards associated with the working conditions. For this purpose, workplace environment measurements (thermal, lighting, noise, moisture, control and measurements related to the substances used / kept)


-In order to improve the working conditions and to protect the health of the employees with the ergonomic regulations to be made in the workplace (to make the health screening / necessary medical examinations of the employees with the periods determined according to the works performed and the supervision of the field and equipment)


- Determination of personnel satisfaction in terms of occupational health and safety by incorporating employees´ ideas in the determination of workplace hazards by preparing surveys and employees at specific periodic intervals









-Prepare emergency plans for accidents, fire, explosion, etc. which will require urgent intervention in workplaces, determine emergency teams and carry out emergency drills



-To provide necessary trainings to the employees in the field of work in which they operate in the fields of health and safety and environmental awareness and to make training plans and submit them to the employer´s approval.


- Training of the occupational physician and occupational safety specialist and supervision of their work,


- Keeping confidential information (workplace activity, examination results, disease records etc.) and keeping records in the workplace


- Work on Occupational Health and Safety carried out within the year and preparation of annual evaluation report on the results of these studies






If we make the tasks and responsibilities mentioned above with the titles, the services provided by the companies that operate as Common Health and Safety Unit are as follows;


- Guidance: Providing guidance on the requirements for informing companies and aligning them with relevant legislation by developing works and designs for the improvement of working conditions and conditions related to workplace health and safety.


- Risk Assessment: According to the ler Regulation on Emergency Situations in the Workplaces in which is prepared on the basis of the Occupational Health and Safety Law numbered 6331, it is necessary to determine the emergency situations that may occur in the workplaces, to take preventive / limiting measures, to establish the personnel and emergency methods to be established. assess the risks related to security conditions and create emergency action plans


- Supervision: Ensuring that the current working environment is maintained in accordance with the occupational health and safety legislation, and also occupational health monitoring of occupational health occupants (filling and filing of work / periodic inspection forms within the scope of health surveillance, conducting cafeteria / canteen / shower / WC audits); Monitoring of special patient groups)


- Cooperation with relevant units: To make evaluations about occupational accidents and occupational diseases in the companies they serve and to share all evaluations with the managers of the company.


-Education, information and registration: As the employees are required to receive training on the basic occupational health and safety, the use and safety of work equipment, chemical training, emergency situations and possible fires in accordance with the legislation in which the employees operate in accordance with the legislation, providing; Keeping records of all information about workplace and employees and making necessary information





- Allows the employer to take necessary measures to prevent accidents


- Employees will be more conscious with the trainings they take and avoid risky behaviors and accidents are reduced


- Safe working environment and work is not interrupted due to availability and productivity increases


- As OSGB follows legislative changes in occupational health and safety issues, employers do not have to follow legislative changes.





All workplaces with insured employees are obliged to fulfill the occupational health and safety services specified in the Occupational Health and Safety Law No. 6331 and the regulations. Due to this requirement arising from the related regulation, employers may work with their own personnel in the workplace or they can agree with the occupational physician and occupational safety specialist to whom they can outsource and SSI, or they can receive service from OSGBs authorized by the Ministry.





- Occupational health and safety services are taken by the relevant legislation and mandatory minimum service times are determined, the service duration varies according to the danger class of the workplace. For services received from OSGBs, it is necessary to pay attention to the mandatory minimum service times.


- To carry out the necessary work for the training of the OSGBs in the areas of annual work and training plans, annual assessment report, risk assessment, emergency action plan, periodic examinations of employees, occupational health and safety issues; records. Otherwise, in case of missing documents during the inspections of the inspectors, the results of administrative fines and accidents are considered to be the main defect of the workplace. This should be taken into account the efficiency of OSGBs


- It is important that occupational physicians and occupational safety experts provide guidance on periodic technical controls, ion and supply of necessary equipment, ion of appropriate laboratory for health examinations, completion of professional qualification documents, etc.


- OSGB´s excellent technological equipment and experienced team will increase the benefits of companies.


- It is important that the OSGBs who are working are doing work follow-up, that they follow their deficiencies well and inform the workplace managers about these issues and work severity.



What is done within the scope of Health Screening?




























Occupational physicians conduct laboratory examinations, radiological examinations and princess examinations required for entry to work and periodic health examinations, and supervise the conditions of hygiene of the workplace and control of communicable diseases. Laboratory tests and physiological measurements are carried out in the periods determined according to the nature of the work done. Documents according to the results of the measurement and test workers.


* Portrait examination; It is a laboratory analysis to determine whether food-related workers carry patients who can be transmitted by food.


According to the job entry examinations during work entry and the nature of the job (lung film, respiratory test, hearing test, blood count, urinalysis, etc.), the suitability of the work is documented.


In the periodic health scans, lung graphs, eye and hearing scans and various medical laboratory tests are carried out. As a result, employee health and job losses can be minimized.



What is Health & Safety Plan?

By evaluating the possible health and safety risks related to the work done, determining the measures to be taken, establishing the organizational structure, determining the working methods and determining the personnel who will implement them are prepared / prepared by the employer or the responsible person.

Health and Safety Plan / Document should be prepared to protect the health and safety of the employees by evaluating the risks according to the nature of the work done while preparing the plans.



Why should an annual work plan be prepared?


Annual work plans, which are required to be prepared in accordance with the legislation, ensure that all activities within the scope of occupational health and safety of the enterprises are carried out in a healthy manner.

Businesses should conduct many job security activities at the right time such as periodic examinations, health screening, trainings, board meetings, preparation of Risk Analysis and Emergency Plan, preparation of machine and equipment instructions, preparation of explosion protection document. This requires the planned and scheduled movement of the enterprises and an annual work plan should be prepared in order to make the timings related to these activities correctly.




































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