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ILO Conventions

ILO Number 2 Unemployment Agreement

Agreement on the Right to Establish and Merger of Agricultural Workers of ILO No. 11

Contract on the Making of the Week Holiday in the ILO No. 14 Industrial Establishments

Convention on the Determination of Minimum Age of Employers on the Ships as a ILO Number 15 Trimci and Fireman

ILO Convention on the Elimination of Minimum Wage Detection Procedures No. 26

ILO No. 29 Penal or Foreclosure Agreement

ILO Contract on the Compensation of Occupational Diseases No. 42

Convention on the Inability of Women to Work in Underground Works at the Mining Quarries of ILO No. 45

Convention on Ministries of Professional Competence of Captains and Ship Officers Working on Commercial Ships of ILO 53

Contract on the responsibility of the Shipowner in the event of illness, injury or death of seafarers numbered ILO 55

ILO 58 Contract on the Determination of Minimum Age Haddin of Children to be Operated in Maritime Affairs

ILO 59 Contract Determining the Minimum Age Limit of Children to be Taken to Industrial Workplaces

Contract on Catering and Catering Services for ILO 68 Ships

ILO 69 Contracts for the Certificate of Driver License for Ship Cookers

Convention on the Health Inspection of the ILO 73 Seafarers

Convention on the Health Inspection of Children and Young People with ILO 77

Convention on the Amendment of the Last Articles Accepted at the 29th Meeting of the ILO 80 in Montreal in 1946

International Labor Convention on Labor Inspection in Industry and Trade No: ILO 81

ILO Convention No 87 on Freedom of Association and Protection of the Right to Organize

Convention on Establishment of ILO Number 88

Convention on the Board of the ILO 92 Crew

Convention On The Conditions To Be Permitted By The Artıcles of ILO 94

Contract on the Protection of the ILO 95 Fee

ILO Contract on Contracted Bureau No. 96 (1949 Amendment)

ILO 98 Convention on the Implementation of the Principles of Organization and the Right to Collective Negotiations

Convention on Minimum Wage Detection Procedures in Agriculture No. ILO 99

Agreement on Equality of Wages Between Male and Female Workers for Equal Employment at Equal Value No. 100

ILO Convention on the Minimum Norms of Social Security No. 102

ILO 105 Convention on the Elimination of Forced Labor

Convention on National ID Cards of Seafarers No. ILO 108

ILO No. 111 Discrimination (Work and Occupation) Convention

Convention on the Protection of ILO 115 Employees Against Ionizing Radiation

Convention on the Revision of ILO Article 116

Convention on the Equal Treatment of Social Security with Non-Citizens and ILO 118 Citizens

Convention on the Equipement of ILO 119 Machines with the Necessary Protection Equipment

ILO Employment Policy No. 122 Contract

Contract on Minimum Age for Recruitment in Underground Mines No. ILO 123

Convention on the Maximum Weight of a Load that a Single Worker Can Carry with ILO 127

Onboard Ship of ILO 133 (Additional Provisions)

Convention on the Prevention of Occupational Accidents with ILO 134 (Seafarers)

Convention on the Protection of Workers´ Representatives in ILO 135 and the Facilities to be Provided

Convention on the Minimum Age of Admission to Employment of ILO 138

Convention on the Position of Vocational Training and Guidance in the Evaluation of Human Resources No. ILO 142

Convention on Triple Solidarity in the Development of International Labor Norms No. ILO 144

Convention on the Annual Paid Permission of Seafarers with ILO 146

Convention on the Methods for the Protection of the Right to Organize and the Conditions of Employment in Public Service No. ILO 151

Convention on Health and Safety in Port Operations, ILO 152

Contract on Working Hours and Resting Times in ILO 153 Land Transportation

ILO Contract No. 155 on Occupational Health and Safety and Work Environment

Contract on Termination of the Employer by ILO 158 Service Relationship

Convention on the Occupational Rehabilitation and Employment of Disabled Persons with ILO 159

ILO Convention on Occupational Health Services No. 161

Convention on the Health Protection and Medical Care of Seafarers by ILO 164

Convention on the return of seafarers to the countries of ILO 166

ILO 167 Safety and Health Contract in Construction Works

Security and Health Contract in ILO 176 Mine Workplaces

Convention on Urgent Measures on the Prohibition and Elimination of Child Labor in the Bad Conditions No. ILO 182

ILO 187 Occupational Health and Safety Improvement Framework Agreement


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