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Job Security Specialist

Taksim OSGB is the most important element of occupational health and safety. According to the Occupational Health and Safety Law No. 6331, all enterprises are obliged to have Occupational Safety Specialist among their employees or to obtain them from authorized Health and Safety Units. Taksim OSGB occupational safety experts are ready to serve our valued customers. Occupational Safety Our expert staff consists of experienced and experienced A, B, C Class Occupational Safety Specialists who have been working in the field of occupational health and safety for many years. With the Occupational Safety Specialist Service you will receive from Taksim OSGB, you will be able to protect your workplace and employees against all kinds of dangers and occupational accidents as well as the responsibilities of our occupational safety experts and you will fulfill the responsibilities you are obliged to do in accordance with the laws and laws.

Services we will give you with Occupational Safety Expertise:

- Our occupational safety specialist identifies the hazards at the workplace where he started working first, carries out risk analysis and risk assessment, takes necessary measures to eliminate the hazards at the source and eliminates the necessary work by taking the views of the workers or their representatives in order to control the risks. and advises the employer on health and safety measures to be taken.

- Overseeing the working environment in the workplace, including night shifts. Providing advice to the employer in order to ensure that the work done in the workplace is maintained in accordance with the occupational health and safety legislation and general occupational safety rules, our expert comes among his main duties.

- To prepare the emergency plan for situations requiring emergency response such as accident, fire and natural disasters and to follow up the applications,

- Our Occupational Safety Specialist plans the periodic maintenance, control and measurements of machinery and other equipments required for occupational health and safety and makes necessary control and follow-up,

- To plan the work required to prevent fire or explosion and to follow up the applications, to determine the measures to be taken in case of fire or explosion,

- To participate in the occupational health and safety board, to make necessary explanations about the supervision of the work environment, to consult and to monitor the implementation of the decisions taken in the board,

- To cooperate with the workplace physician about the workplace accidents and occupational diseases, to make an assessment of the necessary preventive action plans to prepare and follow the implementation

- Our expert is obliged to make corrective action plans and follow up the applications by doing research and investigation in order to prevent any accidents, occupational diseases or any dangerous events occurring in the workplace.

- advises on the planning and organization of work, including the design of the workplaces, the condition of the machinery and other equipment, maintenance, ion and the materials used during the work,

- advises the employer for proper ion of health and safety by conducting investigations and research in the event that a new department or system will be established at the workplace or when new machinery, machines and equipment will be taken,

- He advises the employer about the ion, supply, use, maintenance, maintenance and testing of personal protective equipment and informs the employees to use them. - our occupational safety specialist prepares occupational health and safety training in accordance with the provisions of the relevant Regulation and provides the necessary basic occupational safety training to employees.

- To prepare the annual work plan in cooperation with the workplace physician,

- Occupational Safety Specialist, prepares the work related to the supervision of work environment in the workplace by recording the annual assessment report in accordance with the example specified in the regulation and cooperating with the workplace physician,

- To evaluate the dangers that may arise from the presence of more than one substance or agent at the same time in accordance with the occupational health and safety legislation,

- In addition, our occupational safety specialist keeps all necessary records related to the work they have done in their workplace and keeps them ready for inspection.

T.C. The family is authorized by the Ministry of Labor and Social Services.