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Lighting Measuring Device13.11.2018

What You Need to Know About Lighting Metering Device

The luxurious meter consists of a photoelectric battery that converts light energy into electrical energy, and a highly sensitive millimeter meter calibrated luxuriously. The spectral sensitivity of the luxury meter is done in such a way that the spectral sensitivity of the human eye is the same as the spectral sensitivity of the human eye. It is very easy to work with a luxury meter: turning the detector of the luxury meter towards the surface we want to measure the illumination intensity, ing the appropriate range for some devices and reading the luxury value from the display is sufficient.

Model: Luxmetre

Manufacturer: EXTECH

Serial Number: Q861454

Calibration Date: 06.02.2015

Device Features: Measures the light intensity according to the spectral sensitivity of the eye. You ask

The spectral sensitivity of the eye is adjusted.

Measuring range: 0.01 -5000 lux

Luxury Accuracy: ± 3% (compared to reference)
Units of measurement: Luxury, Kanela

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