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Obligation to work in hazardous and very dangerous works13.11.2018

Occupational health and safety training given to employees in line with the Regulation on Vocational Training of Persons in Hazardous and Very Dangerous Classes published in the Official Gazette dated 13.07.2013 and numbered 28706 is intended to prepare employees for the profession. In this context, the studies carried out in the profession to develop the profession and the new profession to provide the necessary knowledge, skills, attitudes and values ??to develop the feelings of individuals and physical, social, cultural and economic capabilities of the development process in a plan that provides training.

What are the Obligations of the Employer in Heavy and Dangerous Jobs?

Preparation and implementation of programs,
Providing suitable place, tools and equipments for trainings,

Enables employees to participate in these programs,
Enables participation certificate for the participants at the end of the program,
The employer, who has a temporary business relationship, provides the necessary training to the employees against occupational health and safety risks in their own workplace.
The principal employer-sub-employer relationship is established in the workplace, the sub-employer from the training of employees, the principal employer is responsible for the subcontractor.
The employer is in a dangerous and very dangerous class; insufficient information and instructions regarding the health and safety risks to be encountered in the work to be done, without the document indicating that the training is received, employees from other workplaces can not start to work.
Occupational Training is provided to those who start working before the date of 1.1.2013 on the basis of the records of the Social Security Institution that they have been hired before the date of 1.1.2013.

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