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Occupational Health and Safety in Hotels28.11.2018


OSGB service has been made obligatory. Receiving and informing Emergency training Comnied OSGB services.

If we think about our country, the services and risk are exposed to risk factors. Hence, hearing and accident are ignored for occupational patients.

For years the owner of the work does not work, to ensure that the intern to work intensively. While these professions are visible, the sector is an activity related to pccupational diseases and occupational accidents. In this article, employess need to be inexperienced, there is a lot of occupational accidents in this sector.

As we all know, occupational diseases and occupational accidents should not be overlooked in the industry sector.

Reasons affecting the health of employees in hotels. For customers, plenty of disco, bar, ballrooms, and animation shows can be used for high-volume exposure by employees, but can cause health problems such as talking by voice. The second reason is the illumination. Adequate lighting is insufficient. The third row is subjected to extreme testing, bath/sauna, laundry and kitchen sections are exposed to personal staff. There fore, excessive fatigue is seen. The last one is still exposed to chemicals. Clean bleach, descaler, detergent and otther chemicals cause discomfort in the skin and the respiratory tract.

Occupational harvesting and other days of work (suitcase transport, room cleaning) skeletal and muscular system diseases.

I must say without forgetting that in the first aid network and hotels Fire Exercise training are a must.

OSGB to ensure the safety and security of our friendly, professional team of professionals is as far away as a phone.

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