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Occupational Health and Safety in Restaurants28.11.2018


The emergence of restaurants dates back to Europe in the 18th centruy The restaurant sector is constantly developing and the number of enterprises is increasing day by day. In previous years dining in restaurants, luxury, privilege is considered to be time saving, with loved ones, entertainment, happiness and convenience to eat at home due to reasons for avoiding many people because of the reason for this increase in the field of employment and provides educated or uneducated job oppurtunites to many people.

Kitchen, dishwasher and restaurants are the working environments where the hazards of the employees and also the safety and health of the customers, directly or indirectly, are no taken when proper measures are not taken, it is possible to protect employees from these hazards and risk.

The main reason for accidents in this sector as in every sector is; the inattention of employees, the methods used and the inexprerienced work experience. It should be the primary objective to train employees to minimize accidents that may occur.

The biggest danger in restaurants is the wet floor. One of the measures that can be taken for the personel is the non-slip shoes, the slippery floor warning signs inside the customers. If you want to be a reliable company that you can supply them at www.isguvenlikmarket.com we will be waiting for you.

Hygiene is one of the factors that affect human life positively or negatively. This factor is very important, where bulk food consumption is made. Employees must be hand, hair, beard control by the chiefs before the working staff is at work. In the area that we call the back side (kitchen part) the vegetables and fruits should be very good. Dishes are very sensitive in businesses where intensive farming is. For the drying of the washed, dishes it is necessary to clean them with special cloths that do not leave different types of cloth each time. Because no customer would like to see the thread on the fork.

In accordance with the Regulation on Emergency Situations in Workplaces, at least one (1) year of emergency exercies are required. It should not be neglected to take necessary health and safety measures for restaurants that very in regional terms.

Wishing you to eat you meals with the pleasure in the businesses that we have (occupational) and occupational health and safety sevices for our employees.

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