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Occupational Health Environment Measurements13.11.2018

In accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Law, we carry out all occupational safety and environment measurements to be performed in your workplaces with the cooperation of Taksim OSGB and Accredited Measurement Company NVA Quality.

Ambient Measurements

Noise Measurements (Personal Exposure, Environmental Measurements), Noise Mapping
Dust Measurements (Personal Exposure, Environmental Measurements), Dust Map Drawing
Vibration Measurements (Personal Exposure, Ambient Measurements)
Lighting (Light Intensity) Measurements
Thermal Comfort Measurements (Heat, Humidity)
Gas and Steam (VOC) Measurements (Personal Exposure, Ambient Measurement)
Analysis of Extreme Hazardous Substances (PAH)
Analysis of Chemicals in Working Environment
Asbestos Measurements
Heavy Metal Measurements

Work Safety Periodic Controls

Periodic Controls of Lifting and Forwarding Equipment

Bridge Crane Periodic Control
Roof Crane Periodic Control,
Monorail Crane Periodic Control,
Jib Crane Periodic Control,
Tower Crane Periodic Control,
Mobile Crane Periodic Control,
Crusher Crane Periodic Control,
Truck Mounted Crane Periodic Control,
Caraskal Periodic Control,
Load Lift Periodic Control,
Human Lift Periodic Control,
External Lift Periodic Control,
Forklift Periodic Control,
Lift Periodic Control,
Periodic control of pallet truck,
Rope & Sling Controls,
Platform Periodic Control,
Escalator and Escalator Periodic Control,
Periodic Control of Machine Tools.

2. Periodic Control of Pressure Vessels

Periodic Control of Hot Water Boiler Periodic Control of Boiler
Thermal Oil Boiler Periodic Control
Compressor Periodic Control
Hyhore Periodic Control
Air Tank Periodic Control
Autoclave Periodic Control
Tank Control of Industrial Gases
LPG Tank Periodic Control

Electrical and Grounding Measurements

Grounding Measurement of Electrical Installation
Grounding Measurement of Power Panels
Grounding Measurement of Machines
Generator Grounding Measurement
Lightning Protection Grounding
Electrical Transformer Oil Test
Measurement of Luminous Intensity
Thermal Camera Measurement
Cathodic Protection Measurement
Harmonic Measurements

All measurements you need in your workplace are performed and reported taking into account national and international standards. All of our measuring devices are ed according to current technology and relevant standards. Our devices are regularly calibrated to accredited organizations. Cihaz

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