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Occupational Safety and Environment13.11.2018

From the 18th century onwards with the industrial revolution, human beings have started to push the opportunities given by nature and rapidly change the existing structure. Various processes are required to produce any machine or material by using various materials. . The most striking factor is the environmental damage to the environment.

As a result of the work carried out in the automotive sector, many wastes are generated. Recycling of many of these wastes is not possible.

It should be known what the wastes caused by the activities we carry out in our workplace. Recycling or disposal of these wastes should be ensured without damaging the environment and human. It should not be forgotten that there may be work accidents and occupational diseases as a result of leakage and spillage of wastes. If it is necessary to open a bit more, for example, when a waste oil or paint material is spilled into the environment, it is inevitable that a fire will be destroyed, the person touching the body will be harmed or the person is sick of breathing continuously.

In order not to harm the environment and nature, we must be more careful in our work. We should take all necessary safety measures in matters such as the occurrence, storage and transportation of wastes that occur in our workplace.

We must establish a good waste management in our workplace in order to prevent waste from environment and to prevent occupational accidents and occupational diseases.
The most important factor in waste management is the reduction of wastes and the recycling without harming the environment. The following examples illustrate the benefits of recycling.


With only 1 metal beverage can recycle 100 watts
The bulb is run for 20 hours.






Recycled 1 ton glass waste and 100 liters of oil savings are provided.







With the recycled 1 ton paper / cardboard waste 17 lives are saved.





cardboard carton


Packaging waste recycling, cardboard cartons, insulation materials and furniture
products are produced.



Please let us protect our environment for our future generations and our healthy lives.

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