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OHS in Textile Industry28.11.2018



Turkey has an imporant place in textile production. People have been in need of veiling since their existence. Textile products are produced with the use of fiber or plant origin fibers. The textile sector, which is in constant development, also bring new risks to the working environment. Due to our age, production has accelerated and the danges have increased rapidly.

In the textile sector, it is necessary to ensure the safety and sustainable continuity of the prduction for the correct evaluation and planing.

The fulfillment of the occupational health and safety rules and requirements for the safety of the enterprise and the continuity of the production has been confirmed by the increase in the produciton and the scientific dahat that directyl affect the continuity of the production.

Nowadays, firms aim to ensure that the firms that will be in trade take appropriate results from certain auits and to add value to the brand values. Occupational health and safety is taken into account in most of these inspections.

The fulfillment of the occupational health and safety requirements of the companies provides convenience and prestige in most of these inspections.

The more adnaced the technology, the stronger the manpower in textile companies. Occupational health and safety is of great importance in the disposal and control of the common dangers of human and machine textile companies and also in the power and continuity of production.

The production pf textile products is handled in 4 main stages. Production, fabric production, finishing, ready-made garment production.

Work hygiene measurements are very important in the textile sector. Dust, lighting, noise, thermal comfot should also be carried out periodically to ensure the safety of the employees and production of ambient chenical measurements.

Machines in textile are a separate source of danger. Employees suffered from limb losses, many sad accidents occurred. Instensive of machines bring about increased dangers. Rotating components present a danger to employees. At this point, occupational health and safety rules are of great importance for the safety of employees.

In short, occupational health and safety is an important factor in the brand value, prestige and production of firms. SEDEX, FAMA&DİSNEY, BSCI, SOCIAL CONFIDENTIALITY of the companies to obtain valid results from various audits in the textile industry provides important commercial agreements and restige acquisition.

The textile sector is in regular development and expansion. The importance of occupational health and safety services for the continuous development of safety and healthy production increases day by day and is observed again ad again in audits.

As Taksim OSGB, we are pleased to serve you in the field of occupational health and safety services in the textile 

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