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Other Health Staff

According to the Law No. 6331 on occupational health and safety, the occupational physician and other health personnel must be present among the employees. 3,867 TL in 2018 / 3,867 TL per month in which the detention is continued An administrative fine is imposed to ensure that other health personnel are not employed.

What is the Quality and Assignment of Other Health Personnel?

· The employer must be appointed as other health personnel and must have a certificate of other health personnel.

· It is not obligatory for other health personnel to be employed in workplaces with full-time workplace physicians.

· In assigning other health personnel, calculated working hours cannot be divided into more than one person.

· In the workplaces where shift work is carried out, the employer is assigned to the shifts appropriately.

Who Is Other Health Personnel Certificate?

Other health personnel who have completed the training program and who have passed the other health personnel exam to be made or made by the Ministry at the end of the training,

Those who have completed their postgraduate studies in occupational health or occupational health and safety programs,

Those who have worked in the Head Office and its affiliated units for 5 years are given by the General Directorate.

Candidates who score at least 60 points out of 100 in the exams are considered successful.

What are the duties of other health personnel?

· Works with the workplace physician in planning, evaluating, monitoring and directing occupational health and safety services, collects data and keeps the necessary records.

· Helps the physician during the examination of the health and work stories of the employees by writing to the recruitment / periodic examination form and by the workplace doctor.

· Ensures the monitoring of the groups requiring special policy and performing the necessary medical examinations.

· Works in conjunction with the workplace doctor in the organization and execution of first aid services.

· Takes part in health education of employees.

· Works with the workplace physician to monitor and monitor the general hygiene conditions of the premises and additions.

· Carries out other duties related to occupational health and safety to be given by the workplace physician.

· Supports the work of employee representative and support staff in the workplace and cooperates with people.


At least 10 minutes per employee in workplaces with 10 to 49 employees in a very dangerous class.

At least 15 minutes per employee in workplaces with 50 to 249 employees in a very dangerous class.

At least 20 minutes per employee in workplaces with 250 or more employees in a very dangerous class.

In the workplaces where full-time workplace physicians are appointed, it is not required to appoint other health personnel.

It is not mandatory to employ other health personnel in very dangerous workplaces with less than 10 employees.


· Nurse

· Environmental Health Technician

· Emergency medical technician

· Personnel graduates from Health Officer departments may be Other Health Personnel.

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