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Risk Analysis

Araştırma Risk Analysis and Evaluation araştırma is the name of research and observation activities which can be called the foundation or beginning of Occupational Safety Services. According to Article 10 of Labor Law No. 6331, each employer has to make a risk assessment in terms of occupational health and safety.

Risk analysis can be defined as the careful and detailed definition and assessment of the risks that may arise during the operations of the enterprises and taking measures to minimize or fully eliminate these risks. There are various risks arising from working conditions or conditions during the execution of the work, and there are occupational accidents and occupational diseases of various frequency and size due to these risks.

Risk analysis and risk assessment require all security measures to be taken against occupational accidents and occupational diseases, the Health and Safety Conditions to be applied in the enterprises and the improvement of these conditions.

Taksim Consultancy deals with Occupational Safety Risk Analysis studies in risk assessment programs and offers appropriate solution methods to eliminate the risks identified in enterprises.

In order to determine the hazards of existing or external hazards at workplaces, the damages the workers, employers and the production process and the measures to be taken against them; In order to evaluate the identified risks numerically and to ensure that these risks are eliminated or minimized by considering the risk and formation conditions of the identified risk, a study based on various observations and measurements is required. Based on the data obtained from this study, it is tried to reduce the risks to the tolerable level in the workplaces.

Risk assessment is a work that should be actively monitored by all operating personnel, which must be continuously monitored. Thanks to this active contribution, the necessary risk prevention and mitigation efforts against the risks in the entire enterprise can be done in a healthy manner.

Work safety risk assessment studies:

Job security; It provides kaz hazard and risk assessment ecrüb services in order to prevent occupational accidents and occupational diseases risks with well-trained and experienced personnel. In this context, our leri occupational safety specialist gözlem staff monitors the work processes and the sources of danger within the required time in the workplace and determines the risks in the workplace with the help of various measurements and observations. The evaluation study is presented as “risk assessment report“. This reporting work is a bir work safety roadmap har for workplaces. Workplaces should follow this road map and try to minimize the current danger sources and risks. This work should continue as long as the workplace is in operation and it must be renewed continuously in accordance with working conditions and new situations in the workplace. Risk assessment studies should be supported by değerlendir occupational safety trainings ği in order to ensure the active participation of all personnel working in risk assessment studies.

Risk Analysis applications are handled as follows. • Identifying the Risk Analysis team • Providing Risk Analysis Training for the designated team • Determining the machinery, work processes, working environment and environmental risks • Categorizing all identified risks together with the team • Categorizing the risks by the risk analysis team • Identifying the followers about the identified risks and notification of disposal times

• Keeping the risk analysis alive and making the appropriate record of the documents, assigning the secretary of the team regarding the recording of the disposed risk. • Establishment of safety instructions and controls related to the re-occurrence of the risk. • Providing the necessary training to support these practices and include employees in risk analysis.

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