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Working at Height and Working at Height Measures13.11.2018

The second most important danger of fatal accidents in the workplace is the fall from the height. Unfortunately, one out of 5 people die due to high fall events. It is therefore of vital importance to know and use the personal protectors that need to be used in the manner in which they work.

2 safety devices should be used for safe heights.

Preventive systems are systems that protect you after falling, and the second is anti-fall arrester positioning equipment. Fall prevention systems are systems that slow down the body after falling.

It slows down the body as the preventive systems start to fall. Anti-fallout systems must stop the shock quickly. The employer should make a risk assessment and inform him about what kind of declines might occur and how to use KKD.

When working at height, you should learn to use, install and operate equipment to prevent fixing or falling. You should receive certified training in this area

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